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Guy Glennon
Guy Glennon

Dear Real Estate Agent:

I understand that you may be working at a real estate brokerage or on a traditional team as part of someone else’s personal brand.

Working in these environments can be discouraging. You fall in line only to find that you’re not moving forward—you’re just spinning your wheels. Agents at most brokerages receive very little income, support, or training. The truth is that nine out of every 10 agents will fail within their first five years in the industry. They give their all only to eventually leave the business and land themselves in a nine to five job where they’re barely scraping by.

And of the Realtors who are still active in the industry, two thirds of all agents here in Rhode Island are selling just one property a year, if that! Many agents underestimate the difficulties of the industry—they don’t consider how hard it can be to get appointments. This is a big deal, since setting appointments is one of the most important aspects of the business.

Perhaps the team or brokerage you’re working with now isn’t providing you with the systems, training, or leads you need to stay motivated and find success. This is a problem plaguing many agents in the business, today, along with other issues like:

  • A lack of confidence due to insufficient coaching
  • A lack of qualified leads
  • A lack of resources
  • A lack of money
  • The fear of failure

Unfortunately, few agents are adequately prepared for the demands of their job. Proper sales training is a rare thing in our business. Not to mention that most agents are left with meager paychecks even after all of their best efforts. On top of that, the money agents are left with is often improperly allocated across their resources. It becomes a vicious cycle.

With all of these issues weighing you down, you’ve found yourself up at 3 a.m. wondering where your career is headed. You’ve also probably tried a number of solutions with no luck. If what I’ve been describing sounds familiar, I’ve got good news. My name is Guy Glennon, and since starting my business more than five years ago, I’ve helped agents just like you get on the path for success in real estate. Within just two years of jumping into the industry, myself, I was able to build the top-performing real estate team in all of Rhode Island.

Our support-oriented environment helps professionals learn, grow, and thrive. People join our team because they want to succeed, make money, and service families in transitions. We understand that to reach those goals, you need support, coaching, resources, and leads, so that is exactly what we provide.

We’ve put together an excellent business development platform that agents can plug into, allowing you to focus on your strengths rather than on the backend of things—these details are handled by our administrative support staff. This support allows our agents spend about 70% of their time doing direct income-producing activities.

As a business, we truly invest in your success. Our solution to the common problems facing agents is real—our systems are up, running, and producing closings. Using our inside sales team, which is made up of outbound prospectors and lead nurturers, in conjunction with our tremendous web presence, straight telemarketing, and other tools, we are able to generate an incredible volume of leads.

Additionally, we utilize the marketing service Happy Grasshopper, the lead-qualifying third-party company Agentology, and an action plan to help our agents set up and follow through with successful transactions. We also assign our agents a territory for geographic farming. Ultimately, agents are receiving what is essentially a $2,000 package for just $400 or $500.

On our team, we don’t leave anything to chance. Agents receive top-notch coaching from professionals who truly know what they are doing. The value our business brings to motivated agents speaks for itself. Our average agent does 24 deals a year and has a net income of $120,000—a figure we plan on growing even higher in the future. As I like to say, we’ve got the racecar and the track—all we need are the right drivers.

So, you can continue struggling at your current brokerage or team, or you can join us, plug in to our systems, and start getting business from day one. I want to offer you a position on our team. We’re looking for smart, detail-oriented, full-time agents who want to get behind the wheel and take charge of their career.

Here’s what’s going to happen on day one when you start with us. We’ll set you up with a geographic farm containing anywhere from 450 to 750 seller leads, we’ll give you access to a business plan, we will discuss your goals for the future, we’ll get you started in our coaching program, and, of course, we’ll start calling seller leads. We guarantee that we’ll continue supporting you through your career with us. You will meet for at least one hour each month with a highly trained coach to ensure that things are running smoothly.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Let’s take a look at one of our many success stories:

Tony has always been a great agent, but before coming to us he struggled to earn more than eight to 10 sales per year. In this market, only about the top 10% of agents make it above this threshold. Tony wanted to be part of that top percentage. His goal was to sell between 20 to 30 sales per year. When Tony came to us, he doubled his business within his first year, and doubled his income in his second. Now Tony gets a higher income, a higher commission rate, and an average of 30 deals per year.

At this point, you may still have some questions. Well, let me cover some of the ones I hear most often:

What’s the average sales price you handle as a firm?
The average sales price is about $400,000 for the list side and about $310,000 for the buyer’s side.

What is the commission fee?
We charge a 6% commission on listings.

Do agents pay for their own marketing?
Agents do cost share for expenses related to Zillow and direct mail, but real estate marketing is taken care of for you.

We take agents and turn them into business professionals. We’re offering you success, very competitive compensation, and the ability to have a great balance between your life and your work. When you apply with us, you are taking advantage of the opportunity to truly fulfil your potential.

I’m looking forward to talking to you soon!

Guy Glennon

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